Hoe Custom Paddle Laud Race

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Name: Laud Race.

Blade Length: 49 cm.

Blade Width: 17 cm.

Angle: 10º.

Paddle Length: 226 cm.

Paddle Shaft Diameter: 29,00 mm.

Area: 91″.

Weight: 430 gr.


Dihedral Blade.

The Laud Race paddle with its long, dihedral blade holds water safely during the power phase, eliminating sideways blade movement and providing smooth and efficient power.

The conical extension of the paddle downwards allows the paddle to remain stable and provide power, thus ensuring a clean intake and efficient release of the blade in the start phase.

Edges protected with ABS to increase safety, blade strength and minimise board damage.

Technology Spread Tow

Carbon fabric produced using the layered distribution instead of clusters.

Allows weight savings that no other type of composite reinforcement can achieve.

The best choice for ultra-lightweight carbon fiber products.

Thin flat ribbons instead of rounded shapes, a patented process that provides unique possibilities for weight savings and improvements over other carbon fiber materials.

Weight reduction of up to 30%.


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